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Police Service Volunteers 

The Police Volunteer support scheme was first established in Humberside Police in April 2008 to promote community involvement in policing through volunteering. 

Individuals from the community were encouraged to become volunteers with Humberside Police and use their skills, experience and knowledge to support Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables and support staff. 

There are now dedicated teams of volunteers across the Humberside Police area undertaking specific tasks assisting Humberside Police in the achievement of its targets, its local policing priorities and increasing community involvement. 

Since the scheme’s inception in 2008, volunteers have given to date nearly 60,000 hours of voluntary assistance, building important links between the police, and their own communities by providing opportunities for individuals to make a positive contribution to their local area. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, with different experiences and skills which enhance the work of the police. 

Volunteers who offer their time and effort to Humberside Police are now set to wear two hats as their services are shared in partnership with Humberside Fire and Rescue. Volunteers currently working for the police will also be utilised by the fire service, assisting them with delivering, developing and supporting some of their key areas of business. The volunteers will be involved in a variety of work including home and fire safety support, engaging with local communities at events, administrative tasks and undertaking role playing activities. 


Volunteers are used to assist and enhance and never used to replace paid members of staff. 

What do volunteers assist with? 

Here are some of the areas our Volunteers assist in within Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue. 

Administrative support 
Diversity / Community Engagement 
Recruitment event assistance 
Crime Prevention / Fire Safety 
Role Player 
And there are many more……. 

What qualifications do I need? 

You do not need any formal qualifications; we will match skills and abilities to available roles. 

How old do I have to be to apply? 

You can apply to be a volunteer once you are 16 and have left secondary education, there is no upper age limit. 

Will I receive expenses? 

Whilst unpaid, volunteering shouldn’t leave volunteers out of pocket, otherwise it can be difficult to involve a diverse range of people. You can claim expenses for travelling to and from your placement and we will reimburse a volunteer for all other expenses they incur whilst volunteering, if it is relevant to their task. 

Are there any residency rules? 

You will need to have lived in the United Kingdom for 3 years or over to be eligible to apply 

Once your application is received it will be checked to see if you meet the requirements needed. If all is correct you will then be invited to an interview. If successful at interview we will then progress your application further. 

At this stage in the process we ask for Force Vetting Checks and Medical form completion, and request 2 references from people that have known you for at least 2 years. 

Please note: The Force Vetting Check process will require you to divulge personal and financial details of a very sensitive nature. The Force Vetting Team will not share these details with the wider force. Your application details will be shared with the Community Safety Team as part of the volunteer recruitment process.

Once these processes are completed you will be contacted and we will then discuss your skills and interests and a suitable placement will be arranged with an induction. 

Once you become a Volunteer, training will be given specific to the role. There may be requirements and opportunities for additional training throughout your service as a Volunteer and this will be monitored by your Volunteer supervisor. 

Where can I find out more information about Volunteering? 

For more information on Volunteering please contact the Volunteer Coordination Team via email at spoccommunitysafety@humberside.pnn.police.uk . Please do not contact this unit about the application process.