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Trainee Investigators Application Process

Applications are now being sought from constables wishing to undertake the Trainee Investigators role. If you are a student officer or support staff member (i.e. in an IO role) then please contact in the first instance. The Trainee Investigator Programme is part of the pathway to become a detective. All applicants are expected to be able to evidence an ambition to be a detective.

 Officers interested may want to attend the Specialist and Detective Engagement Drop-In Events, held between 17 July and 26 July. Further information is available in the Weekly News and on the Intranet.


The application process

Each candidate must reference three prosecution files that contain evidence of competence as an investigator. All evidence should have originated within 3 years from date of application.

You should also provide copies of relevant unused material such as Investigation Plans, notes made during witness interviews, crime reports etc. These should be included by recording them on the application form and submit in hard copy format to HR Services (Operational Delivery Team Office), Courtland Road, Hull, HU6 8AW with the application form by 17:00 hours Friday 21 July 2017.

To apply, candidates must complete the Trainee Investigators application form, providing an overview of each file/ investigation referenced. Each summary must be verified and commented upon by the first line supervisor (the line manager).

Assessment criteria

The assessment will consist of evaluating the candidate’s ability in relation to the following three criteria:


As a guide, candidates may wish to refer to the National Occupational Standards contained within the Detective Constable role profile

However, please note that assessors will not be looking for evidence against these criteria but for the candidate’s potential to perform this role in the future.

Assessment will be carried out by Detective Chief Inspectors and nominated Detective Inspector(s).

Within the three files assessors will be particularly looking for:

  • A range of skills evidencing effective investigation across different criminal offences (using similar or the same type of offences could result in the application failing the assessment process).
  • A demonstrable understanding of CPIA in relation to Disclosure
  • Evidence of demonstrating victim care/ focus.

Candidates will be informed of the results by email following assessment.

Further details

Candidates wishing to apply will need to be available for the following:

  • ICIDP Induction – Tuesday 25 July 2017 (TBC)
  • National Investigators Examination – Tuesday 28 November 2017

Any questions or queries should be directed to the Job Design & Pathways team via the email address:

This opportunity is closed to applications.